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Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly you will not be able to do your art outside, even if the weather is good. We use powdered paints that are easily dispersed with any air movement. Not only can a gust of wind ruin your artwork, but it can also contaminate other guests' food and drinks. For everyone's safety and happiness it is best to do the art indoors.
After you have completed your artwork we first have to fire the glass in a kiln to give the glass its final shape and to bond the paint to the glass. This process takes a long time, so you will have to return to collect your completed artwork on a later day. (Usually a week or so later.)
We recommend that you have a basic experience on your first time, since colors besides white are more difficult to work with. But after you've been you can contact us and request different colored glass or other special projects and we will chat with you to make your glass dream come true.
Our neighbors at the Simondium Guild can cater to all your snack and thirst needs. Please visit the Simondium Guild Page to see what they have on offer.

Children are very welcome at Fanglasstic, with a few caveats:

  • Children younger than 10 must have adult supervision at all times
  • Children younger than 5 are too young to handle the cut glass we work with and therefore cannot participate in a glass painting experience
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for any damage to people or items caused by unruly children.
A Fanglasstic artist creating beautiful glass art.

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