A feast for the eyes - Our Gallery

Welcome to the Fanglasstic Gallery that showcases many of the pieces we produce. All the images on this page are part of a single gallery, so you can look at every individual picture from start to finish if that is your desire. Or scroll to the specific category that interests you in go from there.

Here at Fanglasstic we create a much larger variety of dishes, plates and bowls that you will see here. The variety is simply too great for our small business to upload everything currently in stock, let alone all the designs that are yet to be produced.

In essence, what you will see here are different shapes, colours and designs. For the most part every shape can be done in any colour with any design and we have many of those combinations in stock already. So imagine what a Large Wavy Bowl would look like in Royal Blue, or perhaps adorned with carefully placed glass fish. Maybe a cup bowl with a koi motif strikes your fancy, or perhaps a red skippy with some cute sheep.

The possibilities are quite staggering, so use this gallery to feed your imagination of what is possible on glass. Our new designs will be uploaded on Facebook and you can also see them on the news page

Every item that you see on this page was handcrafted from sheets of glass similar to what you would find in a window.