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Create Your Own at Fanglasstic Workshops

Having fun at the workshop!

Fanglasstic now offers workshops for creative design on glass. Enjoy a lovely morning with us under the shade of the National Language Monument in Paarl. The pieces you create can serve as excellent and personal gifts, they can be an interesting talking point in your home or they could simply give you pleasure in the fact that you created something beautiful that is unique to you.

Our workshops are not aimed to be a training course or tutorial on the A-B-C’s of fusing and slumping glass, but instead our aim is to provide a creative outlet in a unique medium that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Working with glass may not be easy for an absolute beginner but with the assistance of our experienced staff even the most uncreative and uneasy individual will walk away with some beautiful glass they can show off to their fiends.

Our workshops will typically be from 9am to 1pm on a Saturday. Keep an eye on our calendar on our news page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the next scheduled workshop.

At this time we can only feasibly offer workshops if at least 6 people sign up for one and we can comfortably accommodate 12 people in one session. If you are interested in attending a specific workshop please let us know so we can put your name on the list.

Fanglasstic workshops are hosted in the Fanglasstic Workshop in Zandwyk Park on the Old Paarl Road (map). This is the same facility where all Fanglasstic products are made. When you arrive for your workshop you will be treated to a tour of the facility and the process that every dish goes through.

During the workshop we will provide you with snacks and drinks and by the time you have completed your workshop you will have worked up quite a hunger. Visit to find some excellent restaurants close to the Fanglasstic workshop.

Typically you will create a candle holder and a snack plate. These shapes provide an excellent foundation for beginners to create something beautiful.

Fanglasstic will provide sources and templates for designs, but you are free to (and we encourage you to) bring your own designs or something you saw on the internet or in a magazine. Visit our Gallery to get an idea for the dish sizes. Our designers will also be on hand to assist you in your designs. Techniques and designs that work well in other mediums might be difficult to recreate on glass.

After your 2 bowls or dishes are complete we will fire them in a kiln that evening and again the next day (most dishes require 2 firings to be complete). That means that your finished dishes can be picked up 2-3 days after your workshop has concluded. Shipping can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Here at Fanglasstic we have a great understanding of the nature of glass, how our paints react in a kiln and how temperature variations affect the dishes that are in the kiln. It is very rare for a piece to crack in the kiln and the imperfections on our products add to the aesthetic and charm of our craft. With that said, the possibility always exists that your designs from the workshop could break in the kiln. If this were to happen there are two possibilities: Firstly you would be welcome to return to our workshop and create another dish free of charge and at your convenience. If it would be difficult for you to return or you would prefer a refund then we could return 50% of the amount you paid. Barring any problems during firing in the kiln we can not accept refunds.

The Fanglasstic workshops are R400 per person and includes the four hours (9:00 to 13:00) and two dishes or bowls of a specific size. Snacks and drinks are complimentary.