About Fanglasstic

The Story of Fanglasstic

The story of Fanglasstic begins in 2010 when two sisters, Janette and Ronel, bought two kilns from a friend. We worked from home with the two kilns in the garage. The first market we attended was the Kirstenbosch Day Market.

In 2011 we expanded the business by purchasing another kiln and hiring Victoria.

In 2012 Fanglasstic won the award for Best Art Stall at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival. We purchase another kiln in this year.

2013 sees a steady increase in business and Fanglasstic buys another kiln.

To meet ever increasing demand for Fanglasstic products in 2014 another kiln is purchased and we hire Monique.

2015 marks the most turbulent year for Fanglasstic. We have purchased 9 kilns and are still working in the garage, where only a few kilns can be used effectively. Demand started outpacing supply. It was clear that the business would have to expand or scale down operations. Near the end of 2015 Fanglasstic moved out of the house and into a brand new workshop in Zandwyk Park. This year also sees Janette leaving the business in pursuit of other passions.

Ronel’s husband, Willem, joins the business. Willem (a different Willem) and Robin join the business in 2015.

In 2016 Fanglasstic hires another employee: Lokki. Now Fanglasstic is comfortably situated in Zandwyk Park and excited for what the future holds as we continue refining our brand and products.

Our Policies

Return Policy

At Fanglasstic we do our best to ensure that our customers are always happy and feel that they have received an excellent product for the money they spend with us.

With that said, the product we are selling is made of glass, which is quite brittle and delicate compared to other handmade crafts/art.

As such we can not assume responsibility if something you purchase from us was to break. We will consider returns on broken glass if the item is broken upon receipt from a courier on a case by case basis.


You may notice that our products in the gallery page do not have prices associated with them. We currently do not do online sales. If you would like to make a purchase, feel free to email us at info@fanglasstic.co.za.

Unique Elements

The images you see in our gallery only represent a handful of our designs. We will periodically update the gallery to show more designs, shapes and sizes. We have hundreds of combinations of shape, design and colour. Visit us at our workshop or at a market and see for yourself. Our customers are truly spoilt for choice.

Another thing to take note of is that every dish we make has unique elements. These elements take the form of bubbles, blemishes, corners and general shapes. There are two reasons for these unique elements: The glass we receive sometimes have some impurities that are impossible to pick up until the product is finished. The second reason is that every dish is made by hand and not machined or computer driven. Most people love that our products are unique and that the ‘flaws’ give each product character.

If you prefer your glass to be perfect and uniform, then Fanglasstic is probably not the glass for you.